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TUROMAS: Huge Performance for Jumbo and Jumbo+ Glass | Alto Rendimiento para vidrio Jumbo y Jumbo+

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Fully automated, high performance, storage, loading and cutting line for half jumbo, jumbo and jumbo+ glass sizes. The line comprises a SR-07 smart glass storage system and a RUBI 306C cutting table for float glass. It is equipped with the 2-TOOL system, low-E&TPF glass edge deletion system, all integrated with the ERP for production optimization and management using software compatible with Industry 4.0. More information: https://www.turomas.com/en/machinery/smart-storage/ ???????????? Linea de almacenamiento, carga y corte totalmente automatizada de alto rendimiento para vidrio pequeño, jumbo y jumbo+. La linea está formada por un almacén inteligente SR-07 y una mesa RUBI 306C. La mesa...
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