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Taversia - Are Thongs Comfortable? (& Other Messages from Strange Men on the Internet)

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???? Patreon: http://patreon.com/taversia ???? Twitter: http://twitter.com/taversia ???? Facebook: http://facebook.com/taversia ???? Instagram: http://instagram.com/tavilily 02/03/2018 ~ Thanks for 5,000 views!!! directed/edited by: Taversia; music production by: Ryq Peden; styling by: Keera Ford; video appearances: Taversia with Toleman Garrard III Haley; lyrics by: strange men on the internet in actual messages sent to Taversia; special thanks: Mathers Museum of World Cultures; The Briar & The Burley; The Irish Lion Restaurant and Pub [shot in Bloomington, Indiana] 【LYRICS】 your name kept popping up, so thought I would say hello evening hey good afternoon how have you been? busy? just a pest at this point?...
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