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Afrobeat Alchemy 5: Fire Edition (2019 Afrobeats Mix) Mixed by DJ Tomiwa

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The latest installment in the Afrobeat Alchemy series is split into 2 parts: Fire & Ice. The Fire edition is a high-tempo mix overflowing with plenty of kinetic energy. It is designed to played anywhere that you would need plenty of heat, whether it's during a gym workout, for afrobeats dance cypher or even just to get a party popping. Musically, you'll find here your favourite popular afrobeats alongside some ghana vibes and, of course, lotsa zanku and "Gbe Body E"! You can listen to AA5:Ice here: https://youtu.be/EJUFT2nxbvg. Please do like, comment, share and most importantly enjoy! Follow DJ Tomiwa:...
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