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13 Kill Deagle Rampage! Ghost Aydan Approves ATruckk! #Fortnite #PS4 #Streamer

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Another dominant solo performance by yours truly ATruckk :P 13 Kill Deagle RAMPAGE! I am pretty sure #GhostAydan would approve! After all he is the GOD at Deagle/Pump :D Not to mention Aydan is also #1 #Fortnite console player! Im making my way up there! Come hang out with me on my live streams https:www.twitch.tv/atruckk where i stream Fortnite every day SUPPORT ME BY USING THE CODE (Atruckk) IN THE ITEM SHOP If your a fan of streaming, or want to learn how to play Fortnite, how to build, how to fight or in general any form of Fortnite help...
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