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K-Pop on the BBC: BTS 방탄소년단, PSY, SNSD, GOT7, Love X Stereo, Morrie (Adam Riley on Talking Business)

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K-Pop Korner's host, Adam Riley, has been on various shows over the years, voiced numerous videogame characters, and taken part in several e-learning courses... but in his K-Pop Korner guise, he's also featured or had mentions in various places! This particular one was on on BBC World News' Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst (Ben Bland stepping in as cover host). Adam Riley joined to discuss the rise of #BTS, what's happening with #PSY now, as well as recommending people check out Girls' Generation, Blackpink, #GOT7, as well as Love X Stereo and Morrie. ----------- Be sure to join host Adam...
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