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「大暑」Extreme heat mix 2018 夏 | by Tsun-Zaku /// Magical Mystery Mix

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Tsun-Zaku x Magical Mystery Mix (Japanese Abstract Hip-hop/Electronic/Jazz/Experimental/Poetry) ▼ ????Check out our website : https://www.magicalmysterymix.com ????Follow MMM on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/magicalmysterymix/ Tsun-Zaku is a multi talented artist from Fukuoka, Japan. DJ, producer and illustrator (↑ artwork), he's also a member of "Zeroreality" & "Tropical Chest Hairrrs" collectives, and the owner of a secondhand bookshop named "Anamon" in Fukuoka. 「大暑」is a very unique and highly qualitative mix made of specialized Japanese music. It's composed of tunes, sounds - and even a poem - from different eras and horizons. A great journey into abstract-experimental underground Japanese music. Hope you enjoy! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Tsun-Zaku...
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