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Disaster At Sea | Sailing Britican S5E6

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Our Sailing Britican channel aims to educate, entertain, inspire and connect with other sailors. We’re a family of three that have been live aboard sailors since 2014. Please watch the full video and subscribe to our channel. Read full article here: https://sailingbritican.com/sailing-in-the-bahamas-engine-failure/ Grab a copy of the FREE GUIDE, ‘How to buy a boat without getting screwed’ here: https://sailingbritican.com/buying-a-sailboat-guide/ Check out our blog hosting over 400 articles and videos all about sailing here: https://sailingbritican.com Visit our Sailing Britican sailing guides/books shop here. All guides are digital. Some hard copy versions are found in our Etsy shop and on Amazon: https://sailingbritican.com/shop/...
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