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Gaming w/Ganja Ep.135 ???????????????? 21+Cuntent || New DLC Zombaes & Multi-Cunts || Tis' Tuesday

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????Ello Motherfucker???? Welcome to Klub Kottontale!!!!! I stream LIVE randomly!! I'm just a random motherfucker :3 This is a MATURE ADULT (sometimes) VULGAR Channel, 21+ Preferred Minors ARE Warned!!!!! I do cuss like a sailor. Most days worse. Some days less.. I'm Amber Motherfucking Lewis, but call me Kottontale! I'm pretty random. One thing that always stays the same. My love of VIDEO GAMES!! Currently were playing; UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection 1-4 (till we beat it!) Alice: Madness Returns on PC! (till we beat it!!) Minecraft, Sims, COD, GTA, Skyrim the list goes on! Find Me: Facebook.com: Amber Motherfucking...
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