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Unboxing: Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Deluxe Edition [Kickstarter]

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Today, we're #unboxing Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Deluxe by @Gamelyn_Games! This is an expansion to the original Tiny Epic Galaxies. It introduces exploration, pilots, and new ship types. My copy came with two mini expansions Drones and Satellites & Super Weapons. The Planet and Pilot cards are standard 63.5x88mm and should work well with sleeves such as MDG-7105, MDG-7041, MDG-7077, and MDG-7141. Also Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard, Fantasy Flight, and Swan Panasia make sleeves that should fit these. Basically, if the sleeves fit standard Magic: The Gathering cards, they should be good for Tiny Epic Galaxies cards. The...
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