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FTB Beyond EP16 Woot Ender Dragon Farm + Empowerer Automation

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Ello everyone! In this video we get to quite a few things. We first get to setting up a Celestial Manipulator to deal with the never ending rain I have been getting. I then get into setting wireless receivers and transmitters to great reduce cabling around the base. Then we finally fire up the Ender Dragon Woot Farm and makes sure it is all good and filtered. We then finish off by fully Automating the Empower. FTB Beyond is a great pack check it out. Mod Pack FTB Beyond 1.5.2-1.10 PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJkfWFKMxbFiwPDAcW-3FSLX-KKr7tEFs SEED: 6734893066552009723
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