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SM64 Bloopers: Vacation's Can Be Retarded..

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Ello Govnors! (And girls) To another SM64 Crap Pile! To celebrate the british half term holidays i made a video where cl53 and mario Crash into muddy Forest!!! FUN RIGHT??? Nah Seriously enjoy it guys and girls :) Youtubers Featured: Zeus KrAZy CL53 (me) Super Mario 537 (old cc) SMG4 (Cameo) Sounds Used: SMG4 SFX Free Sound Effects MLG Memes Family Guy The Simpsons Onyxking67 Shrek 2 Undertale Also, Congratulations to Supermarioglitchy4! One of the best youtubers of all time, for 1,000,000 Soobs! He's come so far *shedding one tear* Enjoy Da Returds!
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