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Forever Stranded Ep4 Tinkers Construct Smeltry + Securing Food + Cooling Units

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Ello everyone! Back to Forever Stranded yet again in a progression packed episode. We secure lots of food to keep us up and running, build a passive mob farm, visr out first city and collect all a Tinkers Construct Smeltry, spend a night through a blood moon, raid a desert temple for all its goodies and much more. So much done in such a little time. Check it out. TEMP CONSOLE COMMAND /tan tempinfo MODPACK - Forever Stranded https://www.curse.com/download PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJkfWFKMxbFjyUX7JJcPHixkmVQo8hxql RESOURCE PACK - Soartex Fanvar https://soartex.net/
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