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DORM ROOM TOUR (Freshman Year) | Cassie Newport

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OPEN ME TO SEE MORE Ello ello everyone. I get a lot of requests from time to time to do a dorm room tour, so that is what I'm doing for you guys. As time goes on over my college career, I will be doing a tour of every dorm I live in and I'll do a tour of my home after I graduate (when that time comes). But I hope you enjoy! WHERE TO FIND ME Twitter: www.twitter.com/cassienewport Instagram: www.instagram.com/cassie.newport Snapchat: @ cassienewporttt Tumblr: cassienewport.tumblr.com Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/cassienewpor If you've read this far, comment "Caspar Lee looks like a pineapple."
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